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HR is a people business. That’s why our clients can rely on a team of strategic HR consultants.

Our consultants have extensive expertise and experience in the implementation of HR solutions. For example, in the context of identifying, matching and developing talent.




In order to be able to respond quickly and in an agile manner to market developments, organisations need insight into (available) talent, so that it can be used and developed in the best possible way.

A person's talent, qualities and potential are not always immediately visible, but they can be measured.

  • What talent is present in your organisation or who are the high potentials, and what sets them apart?
  • What growth potential does the individual or team have?

Answers that are more important than ever, but not always easy to find. By making talent objectively measurable and analysing talent data, organisations gain insights that enable them to make better strategically informed decisions. Both at the level of organisations and teams and at the level of employees.

We believe in the power of talent and that there’s room for everyone to shine. We can assist you to give direction to this within your organisation.




Putting your talent at the centre through unambiguous and concrete language

Your organisation is constantly looking for new ways to stay ahead of the competition. This demands a lot from your people. Soft skills (effective behaviour/competencies) make the difference, alongside knowledge. For example, the talent to think innovatively, show courage and work together in good harmony. It’s therefore very important to develop these skills. But how? You have questions about competency management:

  • In order to survive, the department needs to change substantially, but what does such a change entail? And how do we get started?
  • How do we map out the desired behaviour, and how do we describe it?
  • We would like to link the desired behaviour to all the roles in order to select people accordingly: is that possible?
  • What are our organisation's core values and how will we coach and guide our people in their development on an organisation-wide basis?
  • Every time I request an online/live assessment, I’m asked which competencies I want to focus on. Is that really so important? And if so, could you help me out here?

We’ll gladly assist you and your team or organisation throughout this process.



You want to have a good picture of the qualities and talents of your employees. For example their personality traits, cognitive abilities, competencies and motives. Talent Analytics provides these insights. With a systematic and data-driven approach, we offer support for elements of the HR policy, such as selection procedures, management development programmes and career paths within an organisation.

Based on scientifically validated online assessment tools, GITP collects talent data on your employees, teams and organisation. This enables you to generate powerful insights to make better, well-founded strategic HR decisions. In this way, your employees can be deployed and developed in a more targeted manner, which results in improved performance.

If you go one step further and embed talent analytics into your HR organisation as a continuous process, you can use data-driven insights to keep your workforce [at precisely the right level at all times].



Mark van Ieperenburg

Sr. Adviseur

Ik zie mijn rol als vertaler van data maar wel vanuit contact.

Ik zie mijn rol als vertaler van data maar wel vanuit contact. Het mooie van data is dat het soms op bijzonder scherpe manier dat bloot legt wat je normaal gesproken niet ziet. Dan kom je heel dicht bij organisaties, teams en individuen. En de charme van het vak is dat je patronen kunt ontrafelen


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