Talent is everywhere; you just have to see it. GITP discovers and develops talent with experienced organizational psychologists and state-of-the-art tools. Our strategic and practical digital & human solutions range from individual training, assessments, and coaching to fully catered development trajectories for teams and organizations.
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GITP was founded in 1947 by professor Dr. Jan de Quay (Prime Minister from 1959 – 1963) and professor Dr. Theo Rutten (Minister of Education 1948 – 1952). GITP stands for Gemeenschappelijk Instituut voor Toegepaste Psychologie (Joint Institute for Applied Psychology).

  • GITP was established in 1947 as part of the Marshall Plan with the goal of contributing to the economic reconstruction of the Netherlands through science and modern technology.
  • GITP has a strong foundation in science. We have our own R&D department that develops modern and innovative tools and working methods.
  • Expertise, technology, experience, and a healthy curiosity about people, teams, and organizations. With our insights, we make individuals shine, teams excel, and organizations more robust and successful.
  • Approximately 120 advisors, trainers, and researchers work at GITP.


With intelligent tools, behavioral simulation, observation, and our own curiosity, we continuously search for talent. Thanks to our rich experience with people and organizations, we developed a knack for the right match. At the same time, our assessments and talent solutions are always based on science.

We convert our in-depth knowledge of human behavior and the profound data we collect into valuable insights. About intelligence and competency, about personality, motivations, and all those other fascinating aspects of human work. Feel free to call us insight specialists.

With insights that stimulate, challenge, inspire, and confront, we advance individuals, teams, and organizations.

The world as we know it today will be different tomorrow. Faster, more possibilities through technical innovation, less distance between people through new communication or perhaps more...

We fully embrace both today and tomorrow, always looking from the perspective of the individual. Because people make the difference. In successful organizations, it's all about the people, talent, engagement, and enthusiasm.

GITP helps individuals and organizations perform better in their professional and social environment. Our development solutions range from short practical interventions to fully customized trajectories that contribute to achieving strategic objectives.

We believe in the power of talent and the impact of people who know and use their talent well.

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GITP helps individuals and organizations perform better in their professional and social environment.

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GITP is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified

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