This information is not only important for your (future) employer; take advantage of it yourself!

Questionnaires and tests are reliable means of determining talents, capacities and development potential. GITP's tools provide insight into people's personality, behaviour, motivations and cognitive capacities.


The results are processed in online reports. The reports provide answers to important career and development questions. This leads to better career and personal development choices.

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Would you like to prepare for a test? Below you can choose the test you want to practice. You will have access to the practice test(s).

Practice intelligence test

An intelligence test measures the speed with which you solve problems and acquire new knowledge. In this practice test you will make subtests in the abstract and numerical areas, such as figure series, number series and matrices.

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Practicing Verbal Analogies

Verbal analogies measure language reasoning ability. This test is about recognizing relationships between words. Find the words that have the same relation to each other as the words in the problem.

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