Transitions or restructuring processes don’t just happen automatically. What we've learned over all these years is that you need to focus on your workforce. Your people are decisive for the success rate of the strategy you've defined or your change of direction.

The mix of consultancy, tooling and people analytics accelerates and improves transitions and increases the chance of success through objectification and risk reduction.

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In 60 minutes you'll have insight into your success rate in a transition, restructuring and reorganisation.
With the workforce scan, you will know exactly what the impact of change is on your workforce. This insight is key to achieving the right quality and balance of employees and teams. Because your people determine your success rate and your power to change. The Workforce Scan costs is free of charge and is offered to you by GITP's strategic HR consultants. As a sparring partner for your board or MT, you can provide strategic advice based on the insights resulting from the scan. In this way, your can successfully implement the transition together.

  • Determine your success rate and power to change
  • Gain insight into the five keys of transition
  • Prevent expensive mismatches

Do you want to know the impact of your change? Curious about our approach and your success rate? The first step is to have an impact discussion with our consultants and a free workforce scan.

In this session, we’ll get to work together to give concrete form to the five keys to change. This 2-hour session results in a strategic HR roadmap. This will give you a picture of what’s needed for which theme, what’s urgent and what has priority, and what kind of mindset and commitment is needed for a new strategic course without hassle. The HR roadmap ensures you're ready for the next step, i.e. powerful HR scenarios.

5 keys to transition

There are five themes that act as keys to a successful transition or restructuring.

Urgency: awareness of urgency is a condition for change
unifying and responsible leadership
transforming versus restructuring
Change capacity:
insight into psychological change capacity
Behaviour & talent:
the ideal workforce

Using our transition model, we go through the various phases and themes that are relevant to successfully achieving the new strategic direction. We’ll zoom in on the themes that emerged from the Workforce Scan and further develop the possible scenarios together, while paying attention to the strategic, formal as well as the psychological, informal lines.

Want to know more about the five keys to transition and our transition model? Download the white paper.

Who matches best with your new strategic direction? In which role? How do you avoid costly mismatches or unconscious randomness?

In larger organisations, these are very complex issues requiring many time-consuming manual matching sessions. GITP has developed a data-driven, strategically usable tool, which reliably, objectively and with proven algorithms clearly matches your employees with the available roles on an individual level: Workforce matching.

Workforce matching is done on the basis of your data - e.g. competency profiles, performance data, legal frameworks or organisational conditions for promotion - combined with objective insights from the Talent Match questionnaires to be completed by your employees, which cover talents, potential, learning ability and their motivation for the roles to be matched.

The result of our data-driven approach based on your data and frameworks, objective talent data and our expertise in talent analytics, is a concrete, substantiated placement proposal for you.



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Mark van Ieperenburg

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Ik zie mijn rol als vertaler van data maar wel vanuit contact.

Ik zie mijn rol als vertaler van data maar wel vanuit contact. Het mooie van data is dat het soms op bijzonder scherpe manier dat bloot legt wat je normaal gesproken niet ziet. Dan kom je heel dicht bij organisaties, teams en individuen. En de charme van het vak is dat je patronen kunt ontrafelen


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