Talent is everywhere; you just have to see it. GITP discovers and develops talent with experienced organizational psychologists, trainers, and advanced Talent Analytics.

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GITP is the specialist in providing insights into the talent and developmental potential of people, teams, and organizations. We do this by optimally combining the knowledge and experience of our consultants and trainers with smart tools, technology, and data. The assessments we've developed provide insights, and our platform gathers talent data. Specialists interpret the insights obtained and provide expert advice on taking the next step in attracting, developing, and retaining talent to grow your organization.

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Make substantiated HR decisions when selecting, structuring, developing, and retaining your team(s). Gain genuine insight into the talent and growth potential of your candidate or employees.

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Incompany trainings

How do you help employees grow and achieve better results? Your challenge requires a partner who thinks along, asks the right questions, activates the growth power of your employees, and elevates your team(s) and organization to a higher level.

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Focus on talent development with a coach. An effective means to promote and accelerate development.

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Talent consultancy

Get advice and support in implementing HR solutions for identifying, matching, and developing the talent of employees, teams, and organizations.

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Talent analytics

Data from assessments provides a wealth of information to improve the performance of teams and organizations. Use data for bias-free recruitment, effective development strategies, and to achieve organizational goals with substantiation.

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Talent Intelligence Platform

Insight into talent and growth potential through one environment:

  • Order live and online assessments
  • Quick and easy arrangement
  • Always insight into participant progress
  • Building talent data
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GITP Academy

Discover the power of online assessments. Learn to interpret and use insights from online assessments. Make better (selection) decisions and work on substantiated development of employees with the use of online assessments.

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GITP is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified

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