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Recruit directly with your website or social media

Identify Chat

Do you want quick insight into large groups of applicants for a predetermined job profile? Do you want to recruit and directly engage potential candidates? Is it important to make a quick selection from all the candidates that apply? With Identify Chat, you can quickly gain insight into the competencies of large groups of applicants.

  • Easily recruit potential candidates via website or social media
  • Candidate gets instant feedback of results within the chat conversation
  • Dashboard with a clear view of all candidates with results
  • Optimised 'Candidate Journey' with the possibility to add labour market communication in the form of video, audio or images
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Why the Identify Chat?


Why the Identify Chat?

The chat can be set to live at any time, location and device of your choice. Based on a personality measurement, candidates will be visible to you directly via the chat, in a dashboard. You have insight into the personality characteristics of your potential employee and to what extent these match the competencies that are important for the position. This allows you to easily compare the match and competency scores of multiple candidates.

The best applicants are selected based on the talent matching score, and the pre-selection is done for you. You will enter the job interview with more insight into the candidate's talents.

Candidates also gain insight into your organisation, the culture and/or your expectations regarding the filling of the vacancy. They are excited by the optimised candidate journey and receive direct insight into their own talents. Potential candidates are guided to the vacancy that suits them. This creates the perfect match!

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of 12-55 year olds are used to sending text messages


you can choose avatars in the identify chat

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The chat in 4 steps:

The candidate starts the conversation with the Identify chat
The chat can be set to live at any time, location and device of your choice. You are in contact with potential candidates 24/7, always and everywhere. You choose the avatar that perfectly represents your company.

2. The candidate will receive feedback
The candidate who has had the conversation with your chatbot will immediately receive feedback about his or her personal talents!

3. Always the right matches
Because of the chatbot's versatility on many channels, such as social media, the website and newsletters, you have a large recruitment range at your disposal. This also means more data! How many matches do you already have?

4. Results of the chat conversations can be found in the dashboard
As mentioned, you will see the results in your dashboard after every conversation, every test. In this dashboard you can sort and filter. You can immediately see which participant achieves maximum scores on the desired behaviour (the right competencies).

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Henriëtte den Boer


moet nog iets komen


Helen Brouwers


Inzicht geven in talenten, een “lampje” doen branden, perspectief geven, is wat mij enorm drijft in mijn werk

Als A&O psycholoog binnen het digital consultancy team adviseer ik klanten bij het optimaliseren van hun Advanced Talent Management. Aan de hand van online tooling en (opgebouwde) talent analytics worden talenten van organisaties zichtbaar, wat ondersteunend werkt gedurende hun transitie/ontwikkel trajecten. Mijn werkwijze is pragmatisch, resultaatgericht, samen en altijd graag met een vleugje humor!


  • Management consulting
  • Talent management
  • Digital tools
  • Online assessment
  • Organisatiepsychologie

Mark van Ieperenburg

Sr. Adviseur

Ik zie mijn rol als vertaler van data maar wel vanuit contact.

Ik zie mijn rol als vertaler van data maar wel vanuit contact. Het mooie van data is dat het soms op bijzonder scherpe manier dat bloot legt wat je normaal gesproken niet ziet. Dan kom je heel dicht bij organisaties, teams en individuen. En de charme van het vak is dat je patronen kunt ontrafelen


  • Talent analytics
  • Talent management
  • Performance management
  • Wendbaarheid
  • Competenties
  • Loopbaan