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Customer service

088-448 70 00​

​Participant Service & Planning​
088-448 77 00​

Visiting address

ROOOMS (business location)
Boschstraat 21
6211 AS Maastricht
Telefoon: 040 - 264 96 96

The Roooms building is located directly opposite the Pathé cinema. You enter through the revolving door and the reception is immediately on the right side. There you can report to reception and take a seat. An advisor will pick you up here.


There are two large public Q-Park car parks in the immediate vicinity.

  • Q-Park Frontenpark, Frontensingel, 6219 PE Maastricht
  • Sphinxterrein, Frontensingel, 6211 SC Maastricht

There is also a smaller car park: Q-park Bassin Maastrichter Grachtstraat 21, 6211 BG Maastricht


From Maastricht Station you can take

Bus 2 direction Caberg

Bus 1 direction Malberg

Bus 4 directionPottenberg

Bus 5 direction Daalhof

Bus 7 direction Caberg/Pottenberg

and get off at the Maagddries stop. That is across the street from the office on Boschstraat.

100 meters further towards the market there is another bus stop with buses going to the station.

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