Talent is everywhere, you just have to see it

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“Talent is everywhere. You just have to see it". That is our vision. We mean by that, everyone has talent and offers added value. Providing insight into talents, enabling the development of people and organisations and social engagement is in GITP's blood.

GITP was founded in 1947 with the aim of contributing to the economic development of the Netherlands with the most modern scientific insights. Based on the philosophy: the right man or woman for the right job. That origin still has a powerful effect on our identity today.

From our vision and philosophy, diversity and inclusion are equal to equality for us. That goes beyond treating everyone equally. We stand for equal opportunities. We recognise and value the differences that are anchored in society and in people. Whether they are caused by origin, cultural environment, religious belief, age, disability, gender or sexual orientation. For us, inclusivity means that we work in our own organisation, but also in our way of working and dealing with things. From our base, we pay attention to a society that consists of more and more diverse backgrounds in our work and the product development and innovation of our assessment instruments.

Based on our vision and our working method, we contribute daily to inclusiveness and diversity in work environments and to the development of a multitude of diverse talents. After all, talent is everywhere! From there we build a bridge to our social involvement, which is anchored in our mission. The Mission of GITP is: Enabling individuals and organisations to function better in their professional and social environment.

CSR and Social Return are thus embedded in our core business. We specifically connect with social themes such as: Sustainable employability, Inclusive society, Diversity & Talent development, Governance and Transparency. GITP is a member of CSR Netherlands.

CSR within GITP

Our most important contribution to society is our daily work, namely developing the talents of people, and therefore of the organisations where they work.

In addition, we also stimulate internal CSR activities. We do this via three lines: 'Green, Doing, Cash! Important principles in this are that when something starts small, it can grow big and that this is irreversible.

Green: we try to reduce our footprint as much as possible. And with that we start with ourselves. CSR must be visible on a daily basis, because that encourages different behaviour. That is why we separate our waste (implemented in 2019), we use sustainably produced coffee and coffee cups made from sugar cane and we encourage lease drivers to use electric vehicles (In 2020, several charging stations for electric cars will be installed at our office in Utrecht).

Green also stands for vitality. We amongst other things ensure healthy food by means of daily fresh fruit and vegetables, because we are convinced that vital employees work better and are more balanced. That is not only nice for the employees themselves, but also for GITP and all our customers: vital employees perform better!

Do: all employees of GITP/PiCompany are given one day a year to tackle a specific social activity. For example, we join NLdoet, the largest volunteer campaign in the Netherlands. NLdoet puts volunteer work in the spotlights and invites everyone to roll up their sleeves for a day. We gladly accept that invitation.

Cash: e choose to commit ourselves for many years to a social organisation that works on the basis of an inclusive theme, without charging for it. In this way we want to establish a structural cooperation and act as partners. That is why we have committed ourselves to Vluchtelingenwerk Nederland (a charity for refugees) for three years, and we offer them our knowledge, expertise and services worth 20,000 euros annually.

Social return within GITP

Social return focuses on specific target groups: offering employment to people removed from the labour market. We approach this from different angles.

Purchasing Policy

We are happy to make a social contribution in our purchasing policy and, for example, in the choice of locations. A concrete example of a location we work with is Kloosterhotel Zin (http://www.kloosterhotelzin.nl/kloosterhotel-zin/sfeerimpressie/.)

Hiring Policy

Our hiring policy is based on our vision "everyone has talent". We look closely at which talents employees have. The talent that the (future) employee brings with them is decisive and not the recent work experience. A concrete example of this is that we offered a talented young person a contract after her internship in our marketing department. We saw her talent, but saw the extra attention she needed to function optimally within the work context. By extending the employment relationship after her internship, we were able to work with her longer on this and she was also able to further strengthen her talents.

Through our solid guidance, induction process and internal academy, we further develop the talents in order to become successful in their new job within GITP. At the same time, we contribute to strengthening their position in the labour market.


GITP has been offering trainees space for decades to teach them the tricks of the trade or to take a look behind the scenes (work experience internships). We do this for secondary school students as well as for MBO/HBO/WO students.

Lectures and guest lectures

GITP employees regularly give lectures and guest lectures at universities or higher vocational education institutions on a voluntary basis to inform students about the subject or to share knowledge. An example of this are the guest lectures that we have provided for Radboud University in Nijmegen.

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