Objective HR management information with Talent Solutions

Strategically supported HR decisions, powerful HR scenarios and insights to improve the performance of individuals and teams, that’s the value of working with data from assessments.

GITP Talent Solutions bring HR closer to the business and the business closer to HR. Be inspired, discover what’s possible and schedule an appointment with our consultants.

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Workforce matching

What’s the impact of change on your workforce? This insight is key to achieving the right quality and balance of employees and teams. Because your people determine your success rate and your power to change.

  • Understanding of the impact of change on your workforce
  • Zooms in on your specific situation and organisation
  • Data driven, objective match between your people and the roles
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Talent Map

What talents do I need to achieve the goals? And what talents do we have and how can we develop them in a targeted manner? Talent Map answers these questions and makes talent data visually transparent. This is how you achieve today's goals and tomorrow's ambitions.

  • Interactive overview of the talents
  • Basis for well-founded strategic HR decisions
  • Zooms in on specific characteristics of individuals, teams and organisational units
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Talent Analytics voor strategisch talent management

Talent Intelligence Platform

Get started with our platform

With your own account on our Talent Intelligence Platform, you can select, set up and plan your own assessments. Via Track & Trace you follow the assessment step by step. In your own environment, you receive reports, advice and you can view your contracts.



Talent develops quickly. But fortunately so do we. Because talent development is what we do. Day in, day out. We're here to help, and now it's even easier with the Talent Intelligence Platform.



Mark van Ieperenburg 7990

Mark van Ieperenburg

Sr. Adviseur

Ik zie mijn rol als vertaler van data maar wel vanuit contact.

Ik zie mijn rol als vertaler van data maar wel vanuit contact. Het mooie van data is dat het soms op bijzonder scherpe manier dat bloot legt wat je normaal gesproken niet ziet. Dan kom je heel dicht bij organisaties, teams en individuen. En de charme van het vak is dat je patronen kunt ontrafelen


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