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More 'dream' in your team

  • Insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the team given the assignment they stand for
  • Insight into the composition of my team and what that means for the functionality of the team
  • IInsight into appropriate team interventions given the core characteristics of the team members
  • Insight into the qualities that a new team member should bring to make the team as a whole stronger.
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Focus shifts

That's why TeamFlow

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Optimal team composition is a condition for success!

Focus on teams and team development is increasingly important for success: more and more employees who work in multiple roles and different teams within 1 position.

Teams increasingly determine the success of organisations. With Team Flow you appoint the best people, you see everyone's qualities and you ensure optimal performance. Because team spirit is not elusive. On the contrary, you create it yourself.

quick start

How does TeamFlow work?

You can start easily and quickly!

Step 1

you want more insight into the performance of your team!

Step 2

  • Team members take the test
  • Start immediately (If you have already done all individual development assessments at GITP, talents are already in the picture.

Step 3

The team is insightful

Step 4

Interventions can be chosen.

  • Per individual
  • For the whole team

expert advice

Get to work in a focused way!


Expert advice from our advisor will get you on your way quickly

  • TeamFlow focuses on characteristics of people that are not immediately visible, but are decisive for team dynamics and team success.
  • A GITP consultant will discuss the results of TeamFlow with you and/or the team.
  • Insights into strengths and possible obstacles in the functioning of the team are deepened and consequences on the functioning in practice are discussed.
  • Possible missing competencies in the team or obstacles for the team in the work environment are also discussed.

In short, concrete tools to get started with your team development in a very targeted way!

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