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Fast pre-selection through insight into personality and work behaviour

Identify personality

Identify Personality is a compact tool for a quick pre-selection. Based on personality and eight types of work behaviour. You use the results for targeted selection interviews.

  • Short questionnaire
  • Clear interactive reporting
  • Widely applicable due to accessible language
Advice on the use of our identify personality service
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Advice on the use of our identify personality service


Why Identify Personality?


Do you want quick insight into large groups of applicants for a predetermined job profile? Do you want to offer candidates a short but reliable measurement option? Is it important to make a quick selection from all the candidates that apply?

With Identify Personality, you can quickly gain insight into the competencies of large groups of applicants. You can easily compare the match and competence scores of several people. Your job interviews will be streamlined and efficient.


minutes it takes to fill in the questionnaire


minimum purchase per year

Start right away

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You can quickly get started online with Identify Personality. Certification is not required. GITP supports you in setting up the user-friendly Self Service Portal. You can then administer the test yourself. Using the portal, you can set up questionnaires for participants 24/7.

This instrument is subject to a minimum purchase of 250 per year per profile. We provide a digital manual. If you still have questions, please contact our service desk.

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