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Objective appointment advice: the right decision!


  • Focus on managerial qualities and leadership
  • Executive psychologists with experience in political-administrative processes
  • Supporting advice for the committee
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Why the Commissioner Assessment?

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You want to appoint someone to a supervisory position within the organisation. Or you want to investigate whether you are a suitable supervisor yourself.

For this candidate we offer a Commissioner Assessment that gives a clear picture of their qualities as a supervisor. The assessment paints a clear picture of the motivations, views and qualities of the potential candidate, whether he/she acts accordingly. Also an estimate of whether this fits well with the vision on supervision of your organisation and the formal requirements that are set for your Supervisor.

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The best advice, that's what we strive for

Commissioner Assessment

Overview and discussion material for your selection process. Insight into the expected behaviour is based on online tests and questionnaires and a psychological interview.

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the assessment

Commissioner Assessment

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From € 2750

Personal intake
Your explanation of your assessment question in a personal meeting with the advisor

Online tests and questionnaires

Tailored to career phase and your needs

Psychological interview
Further in-depth study of behaviour, motivation, competences and relevant context
Dashboard reporting
Clear and interactive display of advice

Explanation of report
Personal feedback by advisor on results and advice


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