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Make the right strategic choice


  • Focus on managerial qualities and leadership
  • Executive psychologists with experience in political-administrative processes
  • Supporting advice for the committee
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Why the Mayor Assessment?

When selecting a mayor, you do not outsource your responsibility as a committee, but would like to see your choice supported by professional external advice. After all, you want to be able to trust you're making the right decision when making a strategic appointment.

For this candidate we offer a Mayor Assessment that provides a clear answer to crucial selection questions. Our executive advisor provides a crystal clear picture of the profile match, talents and qualities, leadership style, opportunities and risks for this strategic position in relation to the context, culture and collaboration with colleagues.

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White paper: Imagine being a mayor

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find good candidates for the mayor's office. Are we fishing in the wrong ponds? Does the risk of compromise - or the fact that you are in a glass house, even digitally - scare you off? And what does it actually mean to be mayor? Read in this white paper a start to new imaging.

The best advice, that's what we strive for

Mayor Assessment

A rich, broad picture of the Mayor and in-depth insight into talent and developmental potential. Insight into the actual expected behaviour of your candidate through the use of a role play.

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The assessment

Mayor Assessment

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From € 4050

Personal intake
Your explanation of your assessment question in a personal meeting with the advisor

Online tests and questionnaires

Tailored to your question

Psychological interview
Further in-depth study of behaviour, motivation, competences and relevant context

Role play
Simulation of behaviour with instant feedback and practice

Dashboard reporting
Clear and interactive display of advice

Explanation of report
Personal feedback by advisor on results and advice


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