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Transitions or restructuring do not happen automatically. Our experience in all those years is: focus on your workforce. Your people determine the success rate of your formulated strategy or course change.

Our consultants also support you with strategic organizational issues through a mix of consultancy, tooling and people analytics that accelerates transitions, improves and increases the chance of success through objectification and risk reduction.

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Workforce matching

Do you want to respond successfully to developments in the market? Who best suits your new course? In what position? Who can be relocated or move on to another position? How do you avoid costly mismatches or unconscious arbitrariness?

Our strategic HR advisors guide you with your strategic talent management issues. Based on our many years of experience and expertise, always supported by objective talent data.

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Strategic Talent Management

We believe in the power of talent and that there is room for everyone to shine. We guide you within your organization to give direction to this.

Talents, qualities and potential of people are not always immediately visible, but they can be measured. By making talents objectively measurable and by analyzing talent data, organizations gain insights that enable them to make better strategically-based decisions. Both at the level of organizations and teams as well as employees.

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Mark van Ieperenburg

Sr. Adviseur

Ik zie mijn rol als vertaler van data maar wel vanuit contact.

Ik zie mijn rol als vertaler van data maar wel vanuit contact. Het mooie van data is dat het soms op bijzonder scherpe manier dat bloot legt wat je normaal gesproken niet ziet. Dan kom je heel dicht bij organisaties, teams en individuen. En de charme van het vak is dat je patronen kunt ontrafelen


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