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Pre-select on your culture and hire people that stay

Hire the right candidates for your organization through unbiased video scans.

Neurolytics provides an award winning HR recruitment solution to pre-select and hire the right candidates for your team and organizational culture. We believe every person is unique and should have an equal chance in landing their dream job, independent from their age, gender and ethnicity.
Get objective and unbiased insights through an engaging video-experience, based on your company values. Add human data to HR and recruitment.

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Behavioral scans to engage and select the right candidates

Remotely measure candidates’ behavioral qualities that add to your teams and culture

Company Engagement

Candidates who are committed to your company’s purpose and values.

General Motivation

Candidates who are intrinsically motivated to make the job a success.

Stress Resilience

Candidates who are successful in challenging roles and environments

Overall Confidence

Candidates who are verbally strong and come across as representative.

Ease Under Pressure

Candidates who can perform under pressure

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Plans that fit just right

Neurolytics helps you pre-select candidates based on your culture, so you can engage and find the right people for your team and organization.

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Create memorable candidate experiences

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Create memorable candidate experiences

It’s a two-way street. We want to help people and offer every candidate a learning experience, providing insights for personal development.

92% of candidates love the experience!

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Frithjof van der Werf

Business Development Manager

My goal is to understand the customer so well that I can add value. It all starts with insight.



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